Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome (HBS) in Swine


Originally published by the National Pork Board.

Kent J Schwartz, Iowa …

Haemophilus Parasuis

Author: Simone Oliveira, Newport Laboratories


Haemophilus parasuis is still one of the main causes of nursery mortality in most U.S. herds [1]. Mortality rates due to Haemophilus parasuis can be as high as 10% [2], which makes this agent one of the most costly pathogens in swine production. Although a few herds experience nursery mortality solely due to H. …

Swine Influenza Virus

Swine influenza: Clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.


Originally published as a National Pork Board Factsheet.

Sabrina L. Swenson, DVM, PhD, National Veterinary Services Laboratories, Ames, IA;
Gene A. Erickson, DVM, PhD, Rollins Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory,
Raleigh, NC


Swine influenza virus …

Salmonella Choleraesuis in Swine


Originally published as PIH-131.

Kent J. Schwartz, Iowa State University

Larry Ritter, Mitchell, South Dakota;
David Striegel, Sac City, Iowa

Salmonellosis, the disease that may result from Salmonella infection, continues to have a significant economic …

Mycoplasmal Pneumonia of Swine


Originally published as PIH-29.

Eileen L. Thacker, Iowa State University;
Brad J. Thacker, Iowa State University;
L. Kirk Clark, Purdue University

Clyde and Connie Fischer, Optima, Oklahoma;
Calvin and Lisa Nichols, …

Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS)

Pig in a pen.

Authors: Jeff Zimmerman, Iowa State University; David Benfield, The Ohio State University; Jane Christopher-Hennings, South Dakota State University; Scott Dee, University of Minnesota; Greg Stevenson, Purdue University


In 1987, a new reproductive and respiratory disease of pigs was recognized in the United States. A specific causal agent could not be identified at the time, so the syndrome was called …

Controlling Rats and Mice in Swine Facilities


Originally published as PIH-107.

Robert M. Timm, University of California;
Rex E. Marsh, University of California – Davis;
Scott E. Hygnstrom, University of Nebraska – Lincoln;
Robert M. Corrigan, Richmond, Indiana

Bob and Diane Bell, Camden, Arkansas;
Bob …

Biosecurity and Health Assurance at a Boar Stud


Originally published as a National Pork Board Factsheet.


Preventing the introduction of disease agents is a continuous challenge for pork producers …

Injection Reference for Swine

Originally published as a National Pork Board Factsheet.

Figure 1

Subcutaneous (SQ): Deposits the Drug Under the Skin

  • Inject only into clean, dry areas.
  • Use the loose flaps of skin in the flank and elbow of small pigs.
  • Use the loose skin behind the ear of sows.
  • Slide needle under the skin away from the site of skin puncture before depositing the

Minimum Withdrawal Times for Swine

Originally published as a National Pork Board Factsheet.

As with all lists of this nature, it is accurate as best we can complete as of 8/1/02. This is only a partial list of approved medications that have preslaughter withdrawal times in swine.There are other approved medications that have a zero day withdrawal. Withdrawal times may change. Consult the label for …