*I found a gestating sow with a vaginal prolapse, will this be a problem at farrowing?

Cause: In older sows, repeated pregnancies and farrowings stretch the internal structures that hold the vagina in place allowing it to be pushed backward out the vulva just prior to the time of farrowing. If the vagina remains prolapsed at the time of farrowing, the cervix will not be able to open completely and the piglets will not be born. Both piglets and sow risk death. Prolapsed sows should be culled following weaning of the litter. Signs & Symptoms: At first the prolapse may only be visible when the sow is lying down but as time passes it becomes swollen and may remain outside the vulva even when the sow is standing. Treatment: Suture with umbilical tape prior to farrowing. Untie during farrowing until afterbirth is expelled. Re-tie after farrowing for several days. Cull sow at weaning. Differentials: Uterine prolapse and rectal prolapse