Producing and Marketing Hogs Under Contract


Originally published as PIH-6.

John D. Lawrence, Iowa State University;
Marvin Hayenga, Iowa State University;
James Kliebenstein, Iowa State University;
V. James Rhodes, University of Missouri …

Marketing Slaughter Hogs Under Contract


Ron Plain, University of Missouri;
Glenn Grimes, University of Missouri

John Lawrence, Iowa State University;
Chris Hurt, Purdue University;…

Understanding Hog Production and Price Cycles

Originally published as PIH-119.

Authors: Gene A. Futrell, Iowa State University; Allan G. Mueller, University of Illinois; Glenn Grimes, University of Missouri

Reviewers: John Dunbar, University of California; Larry and Mary Metz, London, Arkansas; W. Randy Walker, University of Florida; Richard L. Trimble, University of Kentucky

Hog production and price cycles have been a part of the U.S. hog industry …