Housing Options for Swine Farrowing: Considerations for Animal Welfare and Economics


John J. McGlone, Texas Tech University

John Deen, University of Minnesota;
Steve Moeller, The Ohio State University


Housing systems for farrowing sows have changed very …

Care of the Sow During Farrowing and Lactation

Originally published as PIH-46.

Authors: David C. England, Oregon State University; Hobart W. Jones, Purdue University; Steven Pollmann, Decatur, Indiana

Reviewers: Ellen T. Blocker, Starkville, Mississippi; Jerry Hawton, University of Minnesota; John and Nancy Joyce, Anderson, Wyoming; Ronny Moser, University of Minnesota; Richard H. Simms, University of Tennessee


Proper care of the sow during gestation, farrowing, and lactation is …

Sow Housing Options for Gestation

Originally published by the National Pork Board.

Authors: Jay D. Harmon, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department, Iowa State University; Donald G. Levis, Ohio Pork Industry Center, The Ohio State University

Reviewers: Ted Funk, University of Illinois; Tim Safranski, University of Missouri


Housing for gestating sows is very important to promote productivity, longevity and welfare of sows. There are many …

Baby Pig Management – Birth to Weaning

Originally published as PIH-18.

Authors: Duane E. Reese, University of Nebraska Thomas G. Hartsock, University of Maryland; W. E. Morgan Morrow, North Carolina State University

Reviewers: Duane Miksch, University of Kentucky; Tilford R. Cline, Purdue University

Good care and management in the farrowing quarters has a major influence on the number of liveborn piglets that are weaned and on how …