Where should I give pigs an intramuscular injection?

Intramuscular (IM) administration is limited to an area of the neck just behind and below the ear (see figure). Injections should be given in the loin or ham muscles. If an injection, abscess or bruise should occur, it will have to be cut away in the packing plant. If that defect occurs in the ham or the loin, a valuable cut, substantial monetary loss can occur. Needle length is important to ensure deposition into the neck muscle.Figure at: http://www.pork.org/Producers/PQA/InjectionReference.pdf Also recommended:? Ensure proper syringe adjustment? Ensure needle is properly fitted onto syringe? Prevent swelling or abscesses at injection site by checking for burrs or other defects on the needle? Use only properly cleaned needles? Inject only into clean, dry areas? Prevent contamination of the product by using different needles for injection and removal of the medication from multi-dose vials? Consult with your veterinarian about potential adverse drug and vaccine reactions.? Identify treated animals and keep accurate records about treatment. Include drug name, who gave it, when, dose, withdrawal time, etc.