Pork Information Community

The Hogs, Pigs, and Pork Community of Practice is a joint partnership between Cooperative Extension and the U.S. Pork Center of Excellence (USPCE). The USPCE is a public/private partnership that provides collaboration among extension specialists at major agriculture universities across the United States. The USPCE and Cooperative Extension have partnered with the National Pork Board, Pork Industry Handbook, National Swine Improvement Federation, and the American Society of Swine Practitioners on content aggregation and development to create the robust Hogs, Pigs and Pork Community of Practice.

Another USPCE’s projects that compliments the Hogs, Pigs, and Pork Community is the Pork Information Gateway (PIG) Web site, which was designed to help producers, business professionals, veterinarians, academia, students, etc. The PIG Web site provides factsheets, references, a glossary and free image downloads. All information is peer-reviewed, science-based and highly reliable.

Meet the leaders:

  • Hogs, Pigs, and Pork; & Pork Information Gateway Domain Editors
  • US Pork Center for Excellence Staff

The Pork Information Gateway covers these 17 different areas of interest, and more!

  • Production and Management Systems
  • Animal Behavior and Welfare Issues
  • Human Resources
  • Breeding and Genetics
  • Facilities and Equipment
  • Marketing
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Business Management
  • Worker Health and Safety
  • Niche Production
  • Youth Projects
  • Swine Health
  • Swine Nutrition
  • Swine Reproduction
  • Pork Quality
  • Pork Safety
  • Statistics