Pumping Liquid Manure from Swine Lagoons and Holding Ponds


Conrad B. Gilbertson, USDA-ARS, Lincoln, Nebraska;
Paul E. Fischbach, University of Nebraska;
Ronald E. Hermanson, Washington State University;
Stewart W. Melvin, lowa State University;
John M. Sweeten, Texas A&M University …

Scraper Systems for Removing Manure from Swine Facilities


Originally published as PIH-105.

Dale Vanderholm, University of Nebraska;
Stewart MeIvin, Iowa State University

Lynn Cole, Mt. Blanchard, Ohio;
Mike Kula, Gettysburg, South Dakota;
Arthur W. Selders, West Virginia University;
Larry Stewart, University of Maryland

Scraper …

Shallow Gutter Manure Collection Systems


Originally published as PIH-95.

Don D. Jones, Purdue University

Eldridge Collins, Jr., Virginia Tech;
Doug Hamilton, Oklahoma State University;
Jay Harmon, Iowa State University;
Larry Jacobson, University of Minnesota

Research has shown and field experience has verified …

Recirculation Systems for Manure Removal

Originally published as PIH-63.

Authors: Don D. Jones, Purdue University; Eldridge Collins, Jr., Virginia Tech

Reviewers: Doug Hamilton, Oklahoma State University; Jay Harmon, Iowa State University


Figure 1

Recirculation systems involve the addition of varying amounts of dilution water in order to improve the removal of manure from the animal area. The two types of recirculation systems used in pork production facilities …

Management of Large Groups of Growing Pigs


Mike Ellis, University of Illinois;
Jake DeDecker, University of Illinois

Kenneth Kephart, Penn State University;
Mike Brumm, …

Heat Exchangers in Swine Facilities


Originally published as PIH-124.

Larry D. Jacobson, University of Minnesota;
Martin L. Hellickson, Oregon State University;
Jay D. Harmon, Iowa State University

Maynard Hogberg, Michigan State University;
Palmer Holden, Iowa State …

Space Allocation Decisions for Nursery and Grow-Finish Facilities


Electrical Wiring for Swine Buildings

Authors: LaVerne E. Stetson, Agricultural Engineer, USDA-ARS, Lincoln, Nebraska; Eldridge R. Collins, Jr., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Gerald R. Bodman, University of Nebraska

Reviewers: Richard A. Peterson, Northeast Agriculture Technology Corp, Ithaca, NY; Greg Stark, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX


Proper design and installation of swine facility electrical systems are crucial to …

Confinement Sow Gestation and Boar Housing

Originally published as PIH-28.

Gilbert R. Hollis, Texas A & M University;
L. Bynum Driggers, North Carolina State University;
Arthur J. Muehling, University of Illinois;
G. R. Carlisle, University of Illinois

William H. Friday, Purdue University;
Tom High, Auburn University;
Ken VanGilst, Oskaloosa, lowa

A major concern in a swine production system is proper management of the pregnant …